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Wheel Alignment

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Our aim at Les Schwab® is ensuring your vehicle gives you a safe and efficient ride. We do more than sell tires: we also offer comprehensive wheel alignment services—free inspections, adjustments and parts—at hundreds of convenient locations.

A properly aligned vehicle means a smoother ride, better gas mileage, and a longer tire life. It can improve your overall safety by increasing the amount of the tire in contact with the road and preventing your vehicle from pulling to the left or the right.

Need more reasons to stop by for an alignment check? Here are three.

  1. Free Tire and Visual Alignment Inspection – At no cost, our technicians will inspect your tires to look for improper wear, which could indicate wheel misalignment or wear of alignment-related parts.
  2. Wheel Alignment Experts – The Les Schwab® team works on all things tire- and wheel-related, each and every day. They know how to get the job done right, the first time.
  3. We’re in the Neighborhood – Every Les Schwab Tire Center® offers full alignment services, so you can get whatever you need for tires, wheels, and alignment in one place.

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Alignment Videos

Benefits of proper wheel alignment and shock maintenance
Benefits of proper wheel alignment and shock maintenance

Wheel Alignment Services

Also called a front-end alignment, suitable for some vehicles. The front wheels of the vehicle are adjusted so they are parallel to the centerline of your vehicle. This is the simplest and most basic alignment.

Ideal for vehicles with a non-adjustable rear suspension, a thrust alignment adjusts tires to the geometric centerline of your vehicle. This brings your tires in line with each other, and assures a straight steering wheel.

Four-wheel alignments are performed on vehicles with adjustable rear suspension. As in a thrust alignment, all four wheels are aligned to the center of the vehicle. In addition, the rear axle angles are measured and adjusted. A four-wheel alignment restores all four corners of your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.

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